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Cop Eats Pot Brownies, Calls 911

The post that started it all! Officer Edward Sanchez called his department after “overdosing” on some marijuana he apparently had taken from suspects. Full transcript follows.

[Rings, Chatter]

911: Emergency?

LOL: Yea, uh can you please send rescue to [redacted].  I think I'm having an overdose and so is my wife.

911: Ok you and your wife?

LOL: Yes.

911: Overdoes of what?

LOL: Marijuana.  I don't know if it had something in it.

911: Ok...

LOL: Can you please send rescue?

911: Ok, how old are you?

LOL: I'm 28, 29 years old and my wife is uh 26.  Please come.

911: 26?

LOL: Yes, please.

911: Have you guys been drinking also?

LOL: What?

911: Have you guys been drinking today too?

LOL: No, that's it.

911: No -- is there any weapons in the house?

LOL: No.  Please come.

911: Ok they're on the way. Ok, are you guys -- do you guys have fever or anything?

LOL: No I'm just -- I think we're dying.

911: Ok, how much did you guys have?

LOL: Uh, I don't know we made brownies, and I think we're dead, I really do.

911: Ok, how much did you put in the brownies?

LOL: I don't know I...

911: Was it a bag? Who made the brownies?

LOL: Um, my wife and I did. [name] Come here.

911: Ok, get her.

LOL: She's on the living room ground right now.

911: Is she breathing?

LOL: She's barely breathing.

911: Is she awake?

LOL: Uh, I think so. Yea.

911: Ok, can you look?

LOL: Pardon?

911: Can you look?

LOL: Yea I can feel her -- she's laying right down in front of me.  Time is going by really really really really slow.

911: Ok well I'm on the phone with you and -- you don't -- do you know how much of it you bought and put in the brownies?

LOL: Pardon?

911: How much did you buy?

LOL: I don't -- I -- just please send rescue.

911: They're on the way but I'm trying to figure out how much you bought and put in the brownies, sir.

LOL: It's probably like a quarter ounce total.

911: A quarter ounce total into the brownies, and did you guys eat all the brownies?

LOL: Yeah, we did.

911: Ok, and you ate all them.  But how many -- was it a big batch, a little batch?

LOL: It was a quarter ounce.

911: Ok but, brownie-wise, how many pieces do you guys think you guys have.

LOL: I don't know I probably had a small chunk, please come. What time is it?

911: It's 9:37, when did you guys last eat the brownies?

LOL: Probably like an hour and a half ago.

911: Ok, is your wife still breathing?

LOL: Yes she is she's sitting ... she's kneeling down in front of me. [To her] I know... we have to wait.

911: Ok, is she Stacy Sanchez?

LOL: Yes.

911: What's you're name?

LOL: My name is Edward.

911: You're Edward Sanchez?

LOL: Yes.

911: Ok, and did you guys have any other sort of drugs that you know of?

LOL: Pardon?

911: Do you -- did you guys do anything else today besides marijuana?

LOL: No that's it but I don't know what -- was it -- there could have been something in the marijuana.

911: Ok, are you guys on any sort of prescription pills, do you guys take any other kind of medication?

LOL: No, I don't, my wife take's uh -- Vicodan though.

911: Did she take any today?

LOL: Uh, no I don't think so.

911: Ok, where is the Vicodan?

LOL: Uh, the Vicodan is, uh, I don't -- it's in our medicine cabinet.

911: Ok but how many -- does she take it on a regular basis?

LOL: Yea.

911: How many does she take on a regular basis -- 2, 4, 8?

LOL: I don't know like 5 a day... Please come.

911: She takes about 5 a day?

LOL: Yeah.  Are you coming?

911: Yeah, they're on the way, they've been on it for two minutes, it's now 9:38

LOL: Ok.

911: She take's about how many 5 a day?

LOL: What's that?

911: How many does she take a day?

LOL: She takes like -- I don't know like 6.

911: 6 a day?

LOL: Like 5 a day I don't know we got into a car accident in [location] last year.

911: Ok.  And you don't know how many she's taken today.

LOL: No.

911: Ok, is there any animals in the house?

LOL: Is there any what?

911: Do you have any dogs, cats?

LOL: Yes, I'll put them away for you.

911: Ok, is the front door open?

LOL: Uh yea, the front door's open, come in.

911: Is the porch light on?

LOL: Pardon?

911: Is the porch light on?

LOL: Yes, the porch light is on.

911: Are there any weapons in the house?

LOL: Uh, you already asked me that.

911: And what'd you say?

LOL: Uh, yea, well, no, there is.

911: Where are they?

LOL: In my closet.

911: Is that in the back bedroom?

LOL: Yea, in the front bedroom.

911: In the front bedroom?

LOL: Yea.

911: [Chatter]

LOL: Ok. [Redacted] Ok.

911: [Chatter]

LOL: Where's rescue at right now?

911: They're on the way sir.

LOL: Do you guys do this on a regular basis?

911: No this is the first time that we've ever done it.

LOL: You've never done marijuana before?

LOL: Yea -- I have.

911: You have, and you never had this reaction to it before?

LOL: No, never. What's the score of the Red Wings game?

911: What?

LOL: What's the score in the Red Wings game?

911: I've got no clue I don't watch the Red Wings.

LOL: Oh, ok I just want to make sure this isn't some kind of hallucination that I'm having.

911: Oh, why, what's the score say?

LOL: 3 to 3.

911: What channel is it on?

LOL: Um, Channel 2.

911: Uh, it's 2 to 2.

LOL: Huh?

911: It's 2 to 2.

LOL: Ok, please tell your officers they just passed me.

911: Ok, they just passed you?  But you're [redacted]. Ok well we'll let 'em know.  Go outside and flag them down, ok?

LOL: Ok, uh, my mother-in-law just got here too.


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